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Ad Formats

Software & Extensions

Our portfolio of software products contains various software products that you can promote and integrate from your website. Giving your users additional value as well as a new way to monetize your traffic.

Are you a software developer? Great! We have multiple ways to help you monetize your product in a non-intrusive way. We have tools both for desktop and mobile applications.


Our large archive of CPA offers makes sure you get the highest possible value from your traffic world wide. We cover all countries around the world. Include our incent CPA offers in a modern content locker or market individual CPA offers that will suit your website.

Push Notifications

A non-intrusive and excellent way to earn more from your website traffic. We have a unique way to integrate push notifications into smart links or content lockers. Alternatively you can integrate it with a few lines of code for a native setup on your website.

Perks for viewing Ads

With increasing amount of web visitors wanting to block annoying ads, ordinary banner ads are no longer as effective as they used to be. Visitors become unhappy when they see misleading or ad-bloated websites and website owners see their revenue decreasing. Therefore PolarAds has invented a new ad format! A unique feature that allows publishers to lock a certain part of their website or contents and unlock it after a certain ad has been viewed or advertiser defined action was completed. This gives visitors a clear explanation of what is expected from them and what they will receive in exchange. The transaction and communication between website and visitor become clear with no need of misleading ads.

Reliable payments

Our Payment Options

Our payments are Net 7, meaning that your January earnings are paid out latest on February 7th. We are also offering flexible payout terms and more frequent payments to selected publishers. Do not hesitate to ask your account manager!

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